Our smart portion and transport containers for all kind of sports nutrition supplements – individual adjustable according to the daily demands of each athlete. Now with 5 different models and sizes:


  • Original Buchsteiner PowerTower and PowerTower Plus with 3 containers each with 180 ccm/ml content

  • Original Buchsteiner PowerTower XL with 3 containers each with 250 ccm/ml content also compatible as an extension to our Original Buchsteiner MixKing and MixHero Shaker Bottles !

  • Original Buchsteiner PowerBox with 180 ccm/ml content and Original Buchsteiner PowerBox XL with 250 ccm/ml content


All models can be printed on top of the lid as well as on each container in one or several colours.


NEW – Buchsteiner PowerTower XL and PowerBox XL with IML decoration on top of the lid: enabling decorations with fotorealistic pictures in perfect quality.