Buchsteiner Food Klickboxes®

NEW Original Buchsteiner Food Klickboxes® - perfect lunch & snack boxes for Bodybuilders and athletes on-the-go

The Original Buchsteiner Food Klickboxes® - ideal for athletes and bodyuilders to carry all their precooked meals for the day with them –
no matter if for sandwiches, supps for the day, vegetables, fruits, chicken & rice, cereals, snacks….

Especially for bodybuilders and serious athletes we have selected 4 top sizes and designs of our Food Klickboxes, also with flexible and handy dividers to keep food seperate and fresh for longer.

Starting at a minimum run of only 500 pcs. all our boxes can be printed individually in one or several colours on top of the lid – perfect promotion items and fitness accessories for your customers that are used day in, day out.

The Original Buchsteiner Food Klickboxes® are made from high quality light-weight, durable food grade plastic. Easy to clean in the dishwasher as well as microwave save !

And of course beside the 4 selected top sellers we have more than 35 other Food Klickboxes in different designs and sizes for which we will send you an attractive quote !

Notice – please note that our Original Buchsteiner Food Klickboxes® are not suitable for transporting liquids !